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PRECISE products utilize our Proprietary Liposomal delivery agent which dramatically increases the absorption of nutrients into the Blood.

Liposomes mimic human cells and protect the nutrients from being vaporized by the stomach enzymes and liver.
With Our LIposomal | Without LIposomal
Liposomal Technology Is the Difference

Our highly refined CBD oil users our proprietary element6 liposomal delivery agent, which significantly increases the absorption and potency of CBD into the body, setting us apart from mainstream products.*

With Our LIposomal | Without LIposomal

What is a liposome?

A protective cell sac of lipid molecules enclosing a water droplet that efficiently carries nutrients into the body’s tissues and blood stream, while protecting them from being vaporized.

Why are liposomes important?

Liposomes provide a unique and highly effective way to deliver nutrients and supplements into the body. Liposomes mimic natural human cells, which protect the nutrients from getting broken down or diluted by our stomach enzymes and organs. Liposomes dramatically increase the potency of the nutrients being absorbed by the body.

Liposomes are made with natural ingredients which do not get vaporized by our digestive system. They can be made in liquid form or in capsules.


Works Faster. Higher Potency.

Better Performance

The Problem With Common Nutrient Delivery

The stomach will vaporize more vitamins than it absorbs. While traditional supplements hold many health benefits, the majority of their active compounds are destroyed during digestion – that’s where element6™ comes in.

element6: A Superior Solution

The element6liposome technology delivers maximum nutrient absorption throughout the body at a faster rate.

It has been perfected as a scalable formulation process. We are able to manufacture the next generation of supplements on a large and sustainable scale, starting with the finest materials so that we can produce the highest quality products.

Liposomal Formulation Process

  • Ingredients are tested for purity, identity, and strength.
  • Supplements are weighed and mixed precisely.
  • Purified water is used in all processes.
  • Active ingredients are compounded with lipids in our
    proprietary process to form organic liposomes.
  • Liposomes are flavored.
  • Product is packaged and tested again for purity, identity & strength.
  • We inspect each product at each stage of the process.

Organic sunflower seeds produce the lecithin that we use in our proprietary Liposomal Nutrient Delivery Technology.